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Pre-integrated Software is 10,000X better

No one gets all the functionality they need from a single place. Integrating new solutions and designing workflows can take weeks and cost 10s of thousands of dollars.

Pre-integrated software is designed to solve specific use-cases out of the box. It's instant to install and try. No engineers, no design work, no code.

Who's it for?

Every business has manual workflows that could be much better with automation. Our first party products focus on the needs of regulated SMEs (accountants, lawyers, financial advisory, real estate, RTO, and crypto).

Our third party marketplace solves problems for an expanding number of business types. Over 600 customers globally benefit from StackGo powered integrations.

Key Features

Managed Authentication

Manage API credential tokens on scale with zero infrastructure.


Seamlessly integrate StackGo in your existing projects.

API translation

Make a single API data request to reduce complexity and speed up development.

Hosted integration

Reduce your infrastructure costs and complexity by letting us host your integration.

Workflow builder

Design and develop logic between two API endpoints.

App container

Everything you need to develop your first integrated SaaS product 100X faster.

How it works

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Example Pre-integrated Software

We power a range of first-party and third-party products that work with your existing tech stack.

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Verify identity of Contacts inside your CRM.

Where do we integrate?

We integrate with most off-the-shelf technology you already use every day. Below is a sample. Visit our Platform Finder for more details, or contact us with a specific request.

Businesses love StackGo

Businesses increasingly expect new software to integrate out-the-box with their existing tech stack.

Software that is designed with this pre-integration in mind is 100X easier.



“Fantastic Product! Super easy to use, integrates well with CRM systems (ie HubSpot) and provides Proof of Identity verification without the painful process of notarizing documents.” Kent Pearce, Investment Manager.


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Frequently Asked Questions

We have built a small number of our own apps to demonstrate the capability of our platform. Our platform has enabled us to build multiple solutions with minimal resource, and hopefully this provides you inspiration for what’s possible with your own products.

Sometimes. App Marketplaces are a rapidly evolving concept. Major platforms like HubSpot, SalesForce, Xero, Atlassian, and Shopify have maturing App marketplaces and some co-selling / co-marketing support. This is not always the case though. Our strategic advice is first to integrate with the platforms your customers are already asking about, in a way that can be generalised onto alike platforms. You can then offer these integrations as product features, and a way to onboard new customers faster. As you begin to get traction, you can then seek a marketplace listing and seek additional support from the SaaS platforms. All StackGo customers receive further strategic advice on this approach, currently at no additional charge.

Productized integrations have been built with 1:many customers in mind. The feature set has been designed around generalised use cases. This means customers can start faster, costs are lower, and you can scale faster.

Absolutely! We encourage you to just use the underlying power of the StackGo platform, and build your own products. All customers get free support, and if you need additional help to bring your product to life, we can provide affordable access to the expertise you need.

Zapier puts the onus on the customer to build and manage their own integrations to your software. This can slow down onboarding, and turns many customers off. Zapier is also highly restrictive as you do not get native access to the API – it’s good for only very simple use cases. We recommend thinking about productizing your integrations via StackGo – your customers can self onboard super fast. They will love the simplicity, and stick around for longer. You are also investing in long-term difference from your competition who rely on Zapier alone.

Absolutely! We love API businesses. Talk to us about the best way to proceed. You can use our App Container to build your own integrated product super fast. We can provide you a quote, or work out some other partnershsip. Enter your email to get started, and we can talk.

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