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Convert more sales without distracting your engineering team

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A new integration can cost
$35,000 and take 3 months effort

Integrations lead to
20% more sales and 40% less churn

Build multiple integrations from the one spot

90% of engineering time and cost goes into understanding how each integration works. StackGo gives you back that time.

How StackGo integrations work

How StackGo Integrations Work

SaaS Integration Marketplace

Browse our marketplace of SaaS integrations to find the best option for your software.

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Effortless research

Quickly shortlist the most suitable SaaS integrations for your type of software, target audience, budget, and more.

Seamless integrations

Significantly reduce your workload by integrating with multiple SaaS platforms in one place.

Optimised distribution

Use our data, analytics and expertise to assess SaaS performance and optimise your platform integrations.

Software vendors love StackGo

Many software sales pipelines end up with deals stuck because the solution doesn’t talk to the other platforms customers already use. This lost business creates frustration among sales teams, and distracts engineers from core product development work.

The underlying issue is that integrations always operate at least slightly different from each other. To implement each integration, an engineer has to research the process, figure out how the authentication tokens need to be managed, and build a confident understanding how the API will work.

StackGo offers a unified platform where you can quickly connect with the integrations you want to add. We manage authentication tokens on your behalf, and provide a standardised API translation layer. Combined, these features reduce the engineering effort over 10X.

Contact us today to tell us more about your software business and the integrations you need.

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