Instant Integration with multiple SaaS Platforms

Save hours of engineering time in building and maintaining multiple SaaS integrations

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Managed Authentication

No more customised token handling, refresh strategy, or token database

How StackGo
integrations work

Search our SaaS Marketplace Finder to determine the right marketplaces for your software. Quickly compare commercial and technical differences. You’ll find many marketplaces you know and some absolute gems you won’t.

How StackGo Integrations Work

SaaS Integration Marketplace

Browse our marketplace of SaaS platforms to find the best option for your software.

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Effortless research

Quickly shortlist the most suitable SaaS marketplaces for your type of software, target audience, budget, and more.

Seamless integrations

Significantly reduce your workload by integrating with multiple SaaS marketplaces in one place.

Optimised distribution

Use our data, analytics and expertise to assess SaaS marketplace performance and optimise your distribution channels.

Software vendors love StackGo

Selling software direct and via traditional channels requires a huge investment in research and experimentation. Optimising distribution the traditional way can take years to get right. It’s a difficult process and hard to scale cost effectively.

Distributing your software through SaaS marketplaces puts your solution in front of existing customers at the precise time they are looking for additional functionality from within their existing technology providers.

But connecting to individual SaaS marketplaces isn’t as easy as you’d hope. It can take several months and costs tens of thousands of dollars.

At StackGo we’ve simplified the whole process. We let you discover, integrate and optimise for multiple SaaS marketplaces in one spot. Our solution reduces the cost of distribution and the time to market by up to 10x.

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