Empower online work through accessible, everyday SaaS functionality

stackgo mission marketplaces
stackgo mission marketplaces


To make connecting with and selling through SaaS Marketplaces effortless and intuitive.

In the Beginning

StackGo was born out of the Antler VC program in Sydney Australia. Co-founders Matt Collis and Manish Pahwa had experienced first-hand the challenges of integrating a breadth of functionality through everyday SaaS platforms.

StackGo matt collis

CEO Matt had built and distributed B2B software the traditional way – direct to customers. He knew firsthand how much customers prefer functionality to be available from within existing tools.

StackGo manish pahwa

CTO Manish had built large app marketplaces. He knew just how complex platforms made it for software creators to connect.

Matt and Manish knew there had to be a better way. Enter StackGo. Where software can be built once and then effortlessly integrated into everyday SaaS platforms.

stackgo different by design using computer

Different by Design

What makes StackGo different from others is the speed we enable in-demand functionality within the many SaaS platforms that businesses use every day.

Our SaaS Platform Finder lets you research and compare different SaaS platforms.

App Ideas help identify unmet demand for functionality in everyday SaaS platforms.