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B2B SaaS ideas by vertical

Browse our directory of B2B SaaS ideas by industry and use case. 

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Recruitment SaaS tools

Software that helps the recruitment, staffing, and workforce management industry. Works with HRM, Payroll, Talent acquisition platforms and marketplaces.

Identity check

Confidentially confirm a candidates identity using their passport, medicare, or drivers licence. See TrueBlue for more detail.

Immunisation check

With candidate permission get their immunisation records from Government healthcare provider (e.g. Medicare in Australia).

Police check

Get a candidate police check completed privately, securely, and quick.

Visa check

Confirm a candidate’s work rights in Australia or overseas.


E-commerce SaaS tools

Software that helps convert and handle more sales from your e-commerce store. Common platforms include Shopify, Woocommerce, BigCommerce, and Magento.

Loyalty management

Automatically create a loyalty scheme for all shoppers, creating repeat visits and more sales per customer.

Green Shopping

Promote rewards while reducing the carbon footprint of your shopping experience. Convert more sales and attract eco-conscious customers.


Professional Service SaaS tools

Software that helps with businesses that are people driven and have many operational requirements. Costs and scalability are key to growth. Common platforms include CRMs, Accounting, ERP, Productivity, and Communication.

Expense saving

Free report recommending what steps your business can take to reduce costs and your carbon footprint.

Table automation

Turn your Google Sheets, AirTable, Notion, or Smartsheet into a workflow automation platform integrated with your other tools.


Contact us with feedback, or email [email protected].