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Explore app marketplaces within established communication platforms

What are communication SaaS marketplaces?

The telephone, once the primary mode of communication between businesses and consumers is in decline, accelerating the adoption of newer technologies and platforms such as messengers, email, and video.

In today’s digital age, apps and smart technologies are increasingly the engines of growth and business competitiveness. And as more people work from home due to global pandemic and the ensuing economic disruptions, the demand for communication software will only continue to increase – a huge opportunity for providers seeking to boost growth.

However, like most areas of tech today, the communication software market is saturated and it’s getting harder to stand out from the crowd. This is why organizations are turning to communication marketplaces to distinguish their products from the competition.

Communication SaaS marketplaces help providers connect with those looking to augment their communication systems to better meet their changing work or business needs.

Leading communication software providers include Slack, Skype, Microsoft Teams, Flowdock, and more recently Zoom. Marketplaces are ideal places to offer add-ons or custom products that these big players don’t already provide. Use our marketplace finder to search for marketplaces that are right for your business.

Why do communication platforms have app marketplaces?

App marketplaces serve as bridges between app providers, third-party developers, and users looking to buy or augment their existing communication software.

A SaaS communication solution, such as Skype or Zoom, created app marketplaces to make it easier for their customers to find complimentary services.  As a result, specialist SaaS companies got a new customer acquisition channel.

Employing communication SaaS marketplaces for your software distribution helps ensure that you connect with customers who are already seeking the types of products you offer, making it easier to sell them on your solution. With communication marketplaces, you get to align your business with industry leaders and piggyback on their existing networks and infrastructures.