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Why IdentityCheck?

Verifying your identity has become a common requirement across various businesses to combat online fraud and meet legal obligations. However, the constant need to share sensitive documents like passports or driver's licenses can be both tedious and risky, with concerns about how securely your information is stored and who within these businesses can access your personal details.

At IdentityCheck, we understand these concerns and have crafted a revolutionary solution: the Identity Certificate. Our approach simplifies the verification process without compromising security. By securely storing your information in a private vault, we ensure that only you can authorize the release of your details to businesses, maintaining your privacy and control. Our system not only safeguards your information but also monitors and records each access request, providing you with peace of mind.

And the best part? Our service is completely free for individuals. We offer businesses the opportunity to streamline their identity verification processes through our services, allowing us to protect your identity at no cost to you. Embrace the future of secure, hassle-free identity verification with IdentityCheck.

Secure Storage & Control

Your personal details are stored securely and you have full control over who can access your information, ensuring privacy and security.

Innovative Identity Certificate

A simple yet effective solution that replaces the need for sharing sensitive documents, accepted universally.

Zero Cost to You

Enjoy the benefits of secure identity verification without any cost, as businesses cover the service fees for enhanced verification processes.

How it works

The process is designed to be simple, secure, and keep you in control.

1. Sign Up: Enter your email on our website. We’ll send you a special link.
2. Take Photos: Click the link on your smartphone. Take a photo of your ID and a selfie.
3. Get Verified: In just 5 seconds, we’ll check your ID and give you an Identity Certificate.
4. Share Safely: Use your certificate instead of sending out your ID photos. When a business needs to see your ID, they ask us.
5. You’re in Control: We only share your ID when you say it’s okay. You’ll see every request from businesses and can choose to share or not.
6. Privacy First: Businesses must tell us why they need your ID. We make sure they only get what they really need, for legal stuff or to stop fraud.
7. One Time Only: Once you have your certificate, no need to take ID photos again.

This process is designed to be as straightforward as possible, putting you in control and keeping your personal information safe.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does the IdentityCheck verification process work?

  1. Sign Up: Enter your email at the top of this page to receive a special link.
  2. Take Photos: Use the link to take a photo of your ID and a selfie with your smartphone.
  3. Get Verified: We verify your ID in just 5 seconds and issue an Identity Certificate.
  4. Share Safely: Your certificate can be used instead of direct ID photos. Businesses request access through us.
  5. You’re in Control: Your ID is only shared with your permission, and you can track all requests.
  6. Privacy First: Businesses must justify their need for your ID, ensuring only necessary data is shared for legal or fraud prevention purposes.
  7. One Time Only: With your certificate, you won’t need to take ID photos again.

Is the IdentityCheck service free for individuals?

Yes, the IdentityCheck service is completely free for individuals. We charge businesses for the convenience of using our secure and streamlined identity verification process, allowing us to offer our services to individuals at no cost.

How does IdentityCheck protect my privacy?

IdentityCheck protects your privacy by securely storing your information in a private vault. Only you can authorize the release of your details to businesses. We also require businesses to provide a valid reason for requesting your information, ensuring that only necessary data is shared for legal or fraud prevention purposes. You have full control over who can access your information and are kept informed of all access requests.

Will I need to take photos of my ID again after receiving my Identity Certificate?

No, once you receive your Identity Certificate, you will not need to take photos of your ID again for verification purposes. The certificate serves as a secure and universally accepted form of identity verification, simplifying the process for both you and the businesses.

Where will the certificate be accepted?

The certificate can be uploaded in the place of requests to share photos of your Driver’s Licence, Passport, or other Government-issued ID card. If necessary, you may need to assure the business you are transacting with that they will get access to your personal documents, but only using the process that protects your identity. If you have any issue having the ID accepted, please email details to [email protected].

Do businesses need to pay?

No – businesses who wish to certify your identity can do so absolutely free. We do offer other paid services to businesses, but these are not required in order to certify your identity.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We have built a small number of our own apps to demonstrate the capability of our platform. Our platform has enabled us to build multiple solutions with minimal resource, and hopefully this provides you inspiration for what’s possible with your own products.

Sometimes. App Marketplaces are a rapidly evolving concept. Major platforms like HubSpot, SalesForce, Xero, Atlassian, and Shopify have maturing App marketplaces and some co-selling / co-marketing support. This is not always the case though. Our strategic advice is first to integrate with the platforms your customers are already asking about, in a way that can be generalised onto alike platforms. You can then offer these integrations as product features, and a way to onboard new customers faster. As you begin to get traction, you can then seek a marketplace listing and seek additional support from the SaaS platforms. All StackGo customers receive further strategic advice on this approach, currently at no additional charge.

Productized integrations have been built with 1:many customers in mind. The feature set has been designed around generalised use cases. This means customers can start faster, costs are lower, and you can scale faster.

Absolutely! We encourage you to just use the underlying power of the StackGo platform, and build your own products. All customers get free support, and if you need additional help to bring your product to life, we can provide affordable access to the expertise you need.

Zapier puts the onus on the customer to build and manage their own integrations to your software. This can slow down onboarding, and turns many customers off. Zapier is also highly restrictive as you do not get native access to the API – it’s good for only very simple use cases. We recommend thinking about productizing your integrations via StackGo – your customers can self onboard super fast. They will love the simplicity, and stick around for longer. You are also investing in long-term difference from your competition who rely on Zapier alone.

Absolutely! We love API businesses. Talk to us about the best way to proceed. You can use our App Container to build your own integrated product super fast. We can provide you a quote, or work out some other partnershsip. Enter your email to get started, and we can talk.