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How IdentityCheck works with Pipedrive

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Step-by-step guide

Here are some instructions to get you started with your first verification.


These steps will create the appropriate fields you need inside Pipedrive.

If you prefer, you can request a verification directly in IdentityCheck here.

  1. Create an IdentityCheck account.
  2. Connect IdentityCheck with Pipedrive (you’ll need to be a Pipedrive Admin, if you’re not, invite your Pipedrive Admin to IdentityCheck here).

Once these are complete, proceed to request your first verification.

Step 1: Open a Pipedrive Contact

Choose a Pipedrive contact you can test KYC with – e.g. yourself and select “IdentityCheck” from the drop-down.

KYC Start Pipedrive

Step 2: Confirm the IdentityCheck trigger

Clicking “Trigger” will send an email to the contact requesting they complete their identity check.

KYC Trigger Pipedrive

Step 3: Branded email is sent to the Contact

You can add your company logo and preferred wording in the KYC email customization settings.

KYC Email Pipedrive

Step 4: Contact completes Identity Check

The Contact opens a guided web browser session to take a picture of their Government-issued ID and a selfie.

KYC Web App Pipedrive

Step 5: Track results via the Pipedrive Notes field

KYC result Pipedrive

You can also create automated Reminders for clients here, and internal Notifications here.

Step 6: Review detailed results

If you are an IdentityCheck user, you can log in to see the KYC result.

KYC Report Pipedrive

If you have AML screening such as Adverse Media, PEP, and Sanctions, you can review the result on the same page.

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