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How IdentityCheck works with HubSpot

KYC Command 1

Step-by-step guide

Here are some instructions to get you started with your first verification.

Step 1: Open a HubSpot contact

Choose a contact you can test KYC with – e.g. yourself.

Step 1 IDC

Step 2: Click “View All Properties”

You may have to scroll down the left panel to find this button.

Step 2 IDC

Step 3: Start KYC Command

Completing this step will send a unique link via email to your chosen contact.

  1. Search “KYC” property.
  2. Select “Start” from “KYC Command” drop-down.
  3. Save the change.

TIP: click “Add to view” so you don’t have to go via “View all properties” next time.

Step 3 IDC

Step 4: Track KYC results

The current status and completed KYC report is noted under “Activity” in the Hubspot contact.

Step 4 IDC

IdentityCheck + HubSpot – Demo video

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