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Integrate IdentityCheck with ExRt.Live for Seamless ID Verification

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IdentityCheck Integration with ExRt.Live ID Verification

IdentityCheck is a powerful identity verification solution offered by StackGo that seamlessly integrates with ExRt.Live, a leading ID verification platform. By combining the capabilities of IdentityCheck with ExRt.Live, users can streamline their identity verification processes while maintaining high levels of security and compliance.

Brief Description of IdentityCheck

IdentityCheck is an advanced verification service that allows businesses to verify the identities of their users quickly and efficiently. It offers a range of verification methods, including document verification, facial recognition, and identity database checks, to ensure accurate and reliable verification results.

Possible Uses for Users of IdentityCheck with ExRt.Live ID Verification

  • Streamline the onboarding process for new users by verifying their identities securely and swiftly.
  • Enhance the security of online transactions by verifying the identities of users before granting access.
  • Prevent account takeovers and reduce fraudulent activities by ensuring that only verified users can access sensitive information.

How to Set Up IdentityCheck Integration with ExRt.Live

  1. Sign up for an account with both IdentityCheck and ExRt.Live.
  2. Generate API keys from both platforms to enable communication between IdentityCheck and ExRt.Live.
  3. Configure the integration settings in both platforms to define how identity verification data will be exchanged.
  4. Test the integration to ensure that IdentityCheck and ExRt.Live are communicating effectively.

How to Use IdentityCheck with ExRt.Live ID Verification

  1. Initiate an identity verification request through your application or website, triggering IdentityCheck to start the verification process.
  2. IdentityCheck will prompt the user to provide necessary identification documents or complete a facial recognition scan for verification purposes.
  3. Once the verification process is complete, IdentityCheck will send the verification results to ExRt.Live for final validation.
  4. ExRt.Live will confirm the identity of the user based on the verification results received from IdentityCheck and notify your system of the verification status.