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Integrate IdentityCheck with Invoiced for Seamless ID Verification

Integrate identity check with your current software

Invoiced ID Verification Integration with IdentityCheck

IdentityCheck offers seamless integration with Invoiced for efficient ID verification processes. By combining the power of IdentityCheck with Invoiced’s invoicing and billing solutions, businesses can enhance their identity verification workflows and streamline customer onboarding.

About Invoiced

Invoiced is a cloud-based platform that simplifies the invoicing and billing process for businesses. It provides tools for creating, managing, and sending invoices, as well as tracking payments and managing customer accounts.

Possible Uses for InvoicedID Verification

  • Verify the identity of new customers during the account creation process.
  • Authenticate customer identities for secure transactions and payments.
  • Perform periodic identity checks to ensure compliance with regulations.

Setting Up Invoiced ID Verification with IdentityCheck

  1. Sign in to your IdentityCheck account.
  2. Go to the integrations section and select Invoiced as the integration option.
  3. Enter your Invoiced API key in the designated field to connect both platforms.
  4. Save the settings and configure the verification parameters as needed.

Using InvoicedID Verification with IdentityCheck

  1. When a new customer account is created on Invoiced, IdentityCheck will automatically trigger an ID verification process.
  2. Customers will be prompted to provide necessary identification documents for verification.
  3. IdentityCheck will verify the documents and provide a verification status within the Invoiced platform.
  4. Businesses can make informed decisions based on the verification status to proceed with transactions or account setups.

By leveraging the integration between IdentityCheck and Invoiced, businesses can enhance security, reduce fraud risks, and ensure compliance with industry regulations. The streamlined ID verification process can help businesses build trust with customers and improve overall operational efficiency.