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Integrate IdentityCheck with Jasmin for Seamless ID Verification

Integrate identity check with your current software

JasminID Verification with IdentityCheck Integration

IdentityCheck by StackGo is a powerful identity verification tool that seamlessly integrates with JasminSoftware, offering a streamlined solution for user identification processes.

Brief Description of IdentityCheck: IdentityCheck is a comprehensive identity verification service that utilizes advanced technology to verify user identities securely and efficiently.

Possible Uses for JasminSoftware Users:

  • Quickly verify customer identities during account creation or transactions.
  • Enhance security measures by validating user identities before granting access.
  • Automate the ID verification process to save time and resources.
  • Ensure regulatory compliance with stringent identity verification requirements.

Setting Up IdentityCheck Integration:

  1. Sign up for an IdentityCheck account on StackGo’s website.
  2. Access the integration settings in JasminSoftware and locate the IdentityCheck configuration.
  3. Enter your API credentials provided by IdentityCheck to establish the connection between JasminSoftware and IdentityCheck.
  4. Verify the integration by conducting a test ID verification process to ensure everything is functioning correctly.

Using IdentityCheck with JasminSoftware:

  1. Access the user profile or transaction where you need to verify the identity.
  2. Select the option to verify the ID using IdentityCheck.
  3. Enter the necessary details or upload the required documents for verification.
  4. Submit the request and wait for IdentityCheck to authenticate the user’s identity.
  5. Receive the verification results indicating whether the ID check was successful.