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Integrate IdentityCheck with legodesk for Seamless ID Verification

Integrate identity check with your current software

Identity Verification with Legodesk

Legodesk is a powerful legal platform that provides various solutions for legal professionals. By integrating IdentityCheck with Legodesk, users can streamline their identity verification processes efficiently.

Overview of IdentityCheck

IdentityCheck is a robust tool offered by StackGo that allows seamless verification of identities for individuals. It enhances security measures and simplifies the verification process for users.

Possible Uses of LegodeskID Verification with IdentityCheck

  • Verifying the identity of new clients before onboarding them for legal services
  • Ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements by verifying the identities of individuals involved in legal transactions
  • Performing background checks on potential business partners or clients

Setting Up IdentityCheck with Legodesk

To integrate IdentityCheck with Legodesk, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your Legodesk account
  2. Go to the settings section and choose the integration tab
  3. Select IdentityCheck from the list of available integrations
  4. Enter your IdentityCheck API key and authentication details
  5. Save the changes and you’re all set to start using IdentityCheck for ID verification within Legodesk

Using LegodeskID Verification with IdentityCheck

Once you have successfully set up the integration, using LegodeskID Verification with IdentityCheck is straightforward:

  1. Access the client’s profile in Legodesk for whom you need to verify the identity
  2. Click on the IdentityCheck option within the profile
  3. Enter the necessary details such as name, date of birth, and any other required information
  4. Initiate the verification process with IdentityCheck
  5. Review the verification results and proceed with the necessary actions based on the outcome

By integrating IdentityCheck with Legodesk, users can enhance their identity verification processes and ensure a secure environment for legal transactions.