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Integrate IdentityCheck with Moloni for Seamless ID Verification

Integrate identity check with your current software

MoloniID Verification with IdentityCheck by StackGo

IdentityCheck by StackGo is a versatile identity verification solution that seamlessly integrates with Moloni, allowing businesses to streamline their ID verification process and enhance security measures.

A Brief Overview of IdentityCheck

IdentityCheck is a powerful tool that verifies the identity of individuals in real-time, enabling businesses to efficiently authenticate customers and prevent fraud. By integrating IdentityCheck with Moloni, businesses can automate and enhance their ID verification process with ease.

Possible Uses of MoloniID Verification for Users

  • Streamlining customer onboarding processes
  • Ensuring secure transactions and preventing fraud
  • Complying with KYC (Know Your Customer) regulations

Setting Up MoloniID Verification with IdentityCheck

Setting up MoloniID verification with IdentityCheck is a straightforward process:

  1. Sign up for a StackGo account and obtain API keys for IdentityCheck.
  2. Log in to your Moloni account and navigate to the integration settings.
  3. Enter your IdentityCheck API keys in the designated fields.
  4. Save the changes and your MoloniID verification integration is now set up.

Using MoloniID Verification with IdentityCheck

Once the integration is set up, using MoloniID verification with IdentityCheck is simple:

  1. When a customer provides their identity information, initiate the verification process within your Moloni account.
  2. IdentityCheck will verify the provided information in real-time and provide a verification result.
  3. Use the verification result to either approve or take further action based on the outcome.