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Integrate IdentityCheck with QuickFile for Seamless ID Verification

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QuickFile ID Verification with IdentityCheck

IdentityCheck is a comprehensive identity verification tool that seamlessly integrates with QuickFile, offering users a streamlined process to verify the identity of individuals during transactions or account setups.

Brief Description

IdentityCheck is a powerful tool that enables QuickFile users to verify the identity of clients or customers quickly and securely. It simplifies the process of verifying personal information, making onboarding processes smoother and enhancing security measures.

Possible Uses for QuickFile ID Checks

  • Verifying the identity of new clients
  • Preventing fraudulent activities
  • Meeting compliance requirements
  • Enhancing security for financial transactions

Setting Up QuickFile ID Verification with IdentityCheck

  1. Log in to your QuickFile account
  2. Go to the integration settings
  3. Click on “Add Integration” and select IdentityCheck
  4. Enter your IdentityCheck API credentials
  5. Save your settings

Using QuickFile ID Verification with IdentityCheck

Once you have set up IdentityCheck with QuickFile, the process of verifying IDs becomes straightforward:

  1. When prompted to verify an individual’s identity, click on the IdentityCheck option
  2. Enter the required personal information
  3. IdentityCheck will verify the details against the provided ID document
  4. Receive a confirmation of the identity verification status

Benefits of QuickFile ID Verification

By utilizing IdentityCheck for ID verification within QuickFile, users can experience various benefits:

  • Enhanced security for financial transactions
  • Efficient onboarding processes
  • Seamless compliance with regulations
  • Reduced risk of fraudulent activities


QuickFile ID verification through IdentityCheck offers QuickFile users a convenient and secure way to authenticate the identity of individuals. By following simple setup and usage instructions, users can ensure smooth operations and heightened security measures for their transactions.