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Integrate IdentityCheck with Reckon One for Seamless ID Verification

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Reckon OneID Verification with IdentityCheck by

IdentityCheck by is a powerful tool that enables secure and seamless identity verification processes. By integrating with Reckon’s OneID verification system, organizations can enhance their identity checks and streamline their verification processes.

Brief Description of Reckon and IdentityCheck:

Reckon is a leading provider of accounting software and cloud-based solutions for businesses. Reckon’s OneID verification system offers a secure way to validate the identity of individuals. IdentityCheck by complements this by providing advanced identity verification capabilities.

Possible Uses for Reckon OneID Verification with IdentityCheck:

Businesses using Reckon’s OneID verification can leverage IdentityCheck for various purposes such as:
  • Customer onboarding: Verify the identity of new customers during account creation.
  • Employee screening: Conduct background checks and identity verification for new hires.
  • Transactional security: Enhance security measures by verifying the identity of parties involved in financial transactions.

Setting Up Reckon OneID Verification with IdentityCheck:

Integrating IdentityCheck with Reckon’s OneID verification is a straightforward process. Follow these steps to set up the integration:
  1. Access the Reckon platform and navigate to the settings menu.
  2. Locate the integration options and select IdentityCheck by
  3. Enter the API key provided by IdentityCheck to establish the connection.
  4. Customize verification settings based on your specific requirements.
  5. Save the integration settings and proceed to verification processes using IdentityCheck.

Using Reckon OneID Verification with IdentityCheck:

Once the integration is set up, using Reckon’s OneID verification with IdentityCheck is simple and efficient:
  1. Initiate the identity verification process for the individual or entity requiring verification.
  2. Submit the required identification documents or information through the secure interface.
  3. IdentityCheck will process the details and authenticate the identity based on the established criteria.
  4. Receive real-time verification results and proceed with the necessary actions based on the outcome.
With Reckon OneID verification and IdentityCheck integration, organizations can enhance their security measures, streamline identity verification processes, and ensure compliance with regulatory requirements.