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Features SubmitHero Award Force Smarty Grants F6S Gust
Quick start
Comprehensive form builder Extra $
Frictionless candidate
Freemium pricing
Candidate dashboard ?
One click integrations DIY only Limited, extra $ DIY only DIY only
Unlimited users N N
Field types 20 18 ? 10 7
Price $ $$$ $$$ $ $

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SubmitHero is based on industry feedback and frustration with existing tools on the market. We designed it to address these problems and then tested it with customers.

Features explanation

Here is a quick overview of each of the features:

Quick Start

Can you start creating your application within a couple of clicks? Examples of more onerous processes include needing to speak with the Sales team, or creating a comprehensive profile before getting started. With SubmitHero, you don’t even need an account to get started – just click here to begin designing your application form.

Comprehensive Form Builder

Many competing tools offer only a limited form building experience, or charge significant fees for advanced features. We find many application processes require logic jumps, conditional fields, and advanced field types. SubmitHero includes all these features and more. See the power of the form builder here.

Frictionless Candidate Experience

SubmitHero offers candidates the ability to start their custom, auto-saved application by entering only their email address. Other application forms require the candidates to create a full profile, which often are left incomplete or forgotten about before they have officially ‘started’. What’s more, is that some of these platforms then promote competing Accelerator programs to these applicants, reducing your chance to attract the highest quality startups.

Freemium Pricing

SubmitHero is free to get started, and even to publish your first campaign. You get to see if it’s right for you before you have to commit any investment. With many competing tools you have to speak with a sales representative, book a demo, or even start paying before you know if it’s right.

Candidate Dashboard

Knowing the status of your candidate applications is key to running a good Accelerator campaign. Many applicants get stuck, need reminders, and may need help during the last 48 hours before a deadline. Competing dashboards often lack the depth of in-progress applications, leaving you to use guesswork to figure out the true status. Our customers tell us this is the single most important feature of SubmitHero as it saves significant time, money, and anxiety!

Accelerator Focussed

Some competing tools do not take into account the nuances of Accelerator requirements. Treating Startup Founders with care, and appreciating how time poor they are is a key step to attracting them into an attractive Accelerator experience. Don’t put them off by providing a poor first impression.

One-click integrations

Sharing your data with your tools you already use is key to a seamless management experience. While many tools say they ‘offer integrations’, the small print discloses this is done via tools like Zapier. While Zapier offers a breadth of tools it support, the issue is that YOU have to design and build how the integration works. SubmitHero is the ONLY tool that offers 1-click integrations. We’ve already designed how the data should be shared, so you only need to enable the permissions, and leave the rest to us.

Unlimited Users

Running an Accelerator program is a team effort. It might be a single user that sets up the initial program, but before long you will need to share with someone else on your team to cover planned and unplanned leave. Or maybe you have other team members to help with assessment or other parts of the process. SubmitHero offers unlimited user accounts at no extra charge.

Field Types

Not all Application Forms are built equal. Offer five fields and a ‘deck upload’ button might be quick to build, but they are insanely difficult to judge side-by-side. Competing tools have severe limitations because they launched their product ‘minimal viable’. Customers told us this was a massive source of frustration, so SubmitHero is launched with more fields and controls than any other platform on the market.


Ok, not everyone is transparent about their pricing. They claim to have ‘no hidden fees’, whereas in fact they charge hundreds of dollars per hour to configure anything. Others charge a percentage of the funding pool, which can be insanely expensive. SubmitHero is FREE TO START, and you get everything you need to start for an AFFORDABLE MONTHLY SUBSCRIPTION.

$$$ = Over $4,000 per annum
$$ = $1,000 to $3,999 per annum
$ = <$1,000 per annum