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How IdentityCheck works with XPM

XPM Proof of Identity

Step-by-step guide

Here are some instructions to get you started with your first verification.


These steps will create the appropriate fields you need inside XPM.

If you prefer, you can request a verification directly in IdentityCheck here.

  1. Create an IdentityCheck account.
  2. Connect IdentityCheck with XPM. (you’ll need to be an XPM admin, if you’re not, invite your XPM admin to IdentityCheck here).

Once these are complete, proceed to request your first verification.

Step 1: Open an XPM contact

Choose an XPM contact you can test KYC with – e.g. yourself.

XPM open contact

Step 2: Click “Edit”

You’ll find this in the top right of the Contact page.

XPM Edit Contact

Step 3: Start “KYC Command

You will find this in the custom fields section of the page.

Check the “KYC” box, and click “Save”.

KYC Command XPM Start

Step 4: Track KYC results

The current status and completed KYC report are noted under “KYC Status” and “Verification link” in the custom fields section.

You can also create automated Reminders for clients here, and internal Notifications here.

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IdentityCheck + XPM – Demo video

About Xero Practice Manager – Streamlined Practice Management

Xero Practice Manager (XPM) is at the forefront of accounting practice management software. It’s designed to drive efficiency and streamline the management of accounting practices, from job tracking to workflow management and reporting.

Who Uses Xero Practice Manager?

XPM is tailored for accounting professionals and firms of all sizes. It provides a comprehensive suite of tools to manage jobs, track time, and monitor the financial health of the practice. XPM is the go-to solution for accountants seeking to optimize their practice operations and enhance client services.

Enhancing Efficiency with Integration

The true strength of Xero Practice Manager lies in its integration capabilities. By connecting with Xero’s accounting software and a wide array of third-party applications, XPM creates a cohesive and interconnected practice ecosystem. This integration facilitates the seamless flow of data, automates time-consuming tasks, and provides real-time insights into practice performance. The result is a more collaborative team environment, informed decision-making, and an elevated level of service for clients.