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Automated KYC Verifications – HubSpot notifications

HubSpot Notifications for KYC

Meeting KYC compliance requirements without an arduous manual process can be tricky to implement. However, leveraging your existing tech stack alongside integrated B2B software can make life much easier, and save you thousands of human hours in the long run.

Btw, if you haven’t already, we recommend reading our 10-step guide to automating KYC inside HubSpot, and our general guide to automated identity checking.

If you’re a HubSpot user, a useful step is automating notifications relating to completed identity checks. This step-by-step guide explains how to set up notifications. You will need an IdentityCheck subscription to start (don’t worry – an Account is free to setup).

Step 1: Select “Workflows” from “Automation” menu

HubSpot automated KYC notifications identity check

Step 2: Select “Create workflow > From scratch”

HubSpot automated KYC notifications step 2 identity check

Step 3: Select “Contact-based” and “Blank workflow”, click “Next”

HubSpot automated KYC notifications step 3 identity check 1

Step 4: Name your Identity Check workflow

Choose any name you like! 🙂

HubSpot automated KYC notifications step 4 identity check

Step 5: Set up triggers

HubSpot Automated KYC step 5 set up triggers identity check

Step 5: Choose “KYC Status” = “Positive” from Contact Properties

Step 7: Add an action

Automated KYC step 7 Add an action identity check 1

Step 8: Select “Send internal email notification”

Automated KYC step 8 send internal email notification identity check

Step 9: Choose email recipients and message body

Choose from static or dynamic recipients (e.g. “contact owner), and your email message subject and body. You can personalise the email notification with fields from the Contact record (e.g. first / last name).

Automated KYC step 9 choose email recipients and message identity check 1

Step 10: Review and Publish the workflow

Automated KYC step 10 Review and publish identity check

Step 11: Review settings and turn on workflow!

You need to choose if you want to enroll existing contacts that already meet the criteria, or only new ones once the workflow is switched on.

Automated KYC step 11 turn on identity check


That’s it! We recommend doing some tests and checking out the Workflow dashboard in HubSpot for more debugging if required.

Contact us if you run into any issues or have other feedback.

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