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Announcing OnboardExpress

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Does your current client onboarding workflow look something like this? Manual, disjointed, and SLOW?

client onboarding processes

If so, you’re probably running into the same issues as many other businesses:

💰COST – the process is expensive as everything needs manually entering, tracking, and following up.

🚧ERROR PRONE – With manual data entry comes missing information, typos, and other overlooked steps.

🚨RISK – everything from missed compliance steps, detecting fake identities, or simply entering the wrong information can have expensive repercussions.

😡FRICTION -it’s hard to grow a business around processes that are hated by staff, and frustrating for customers.

Enter OnboardExpress

Leveraging our embedded form technology, we can now address all these issues with a simple, but highly effective onboarding form.

Streamlined onboarding – how it works

STEP 1 – The user completes a form designed to collect all and only the information you require.

STEP 2 – A new Contact record in your internal system is created and the User is automatically redirected to complete an ID check.

STEP 3 – The process is managed with an email backup, reminder, dashboard, and admin email notifications.

STEP 4 – Your internal system is kept up-to-date when the ID check is complete.

streamlined onboarding 1

OnboardExpress Benefits

🚅Streamlined forms can speed up new client onboarding by weeks.

❤️Lovable by staff for its simplicity and removal of manual steps entering data.

😍Clients love something simpler with a far shorter form asking questions only relevant to them.

💰Save money on operations and unlock greater ability to scale.

⚖️Reduced risk from fewer data errors.


For all existing clients and new subscribers before June 30th, OnboardExpress will be included at no additional cost to your IdentityCheck subscription.

There is a ONE-TIME setup fee of just US$1,000 to design, create, test, and launch your onboarding form. We may charge extra if you have a lengthy form or complex requirements.

Next Steps

Send your existing form to [email protected] stating when you’d like to go live.Or, book a meeting with me here to discuss further.

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