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TPB Annual Report Highlights: Key Takeaways for Compliance Professionals

TPB 2023 Insights Compliance Focus

The Tax Practitioners Board (TPB) recently released their annual report, offering valuable insights for compliance and financial professionals.

Key Points Summary:

  • Increased Focus on Digital Security and Identity Verification: The report emphasizes the need for enhanced digital security measures, highlighting the role of identity verification in safeguarding sensitive information.
  • New Regulatory Standards Impacting Tax Practitioners: It outlines upcoming regulatory changes that will affect tax professionals, stressing the importance of staying informed and prepared.
  • Trends in Compliance and Enforcement Actions: The report provides an overview of recent trends in compliance, including enforcement actions taken by regulatory bodies.

These developments underscore the growing importance of robust eKYC solutions like StackGo’s IdentityCheck in ensuring compliance and enhancing security.

Read the full TPB Annual Report here.

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