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Veriff’s Vision: Redefining Digital Identity Verification

Veriffs Vision for the Future of ID checks

At Web Summit 2023, Veriff’s Founder and CEO, Kaarel Kotkas, shared insights on the future of digital identity verification. This article from Veriff’s blog highlights the evolving landscape of ID verification and its implications.

  • Veriff’s mission is to build a trustworthy digital identity infrastructure.
  • Focus on enhancing user experience while maintaining security and compliance.
  • Future vision includes a digital identity vault for seamless service access.

For accountants and regulated SMEs, these advancements in ID verification, as championed by Veriff, are crucial. StackGo, in partnership with Veriff, integrates these cutting-edge solutions into existing tech stacks, enhancing security without compromising on user experience.

Read the full article here.

Looking to elevate your identity verification process? Discover how StackGo’s IdentityCheck, powered by Veriff, seamlessly integrates into your system.

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