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Fullstack Advisory: Achieving TPB Compliance with One-Click IdentityCheck

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Fullstack Advisory, renowned for its commitment to efficiency and innovation, serves the dynamic tech industry with top-tier accounting services. The introduction of new Tax Practitioners Board (TPB) regulations requiring stringent client identity verification presented a unique challenge. Fullstack needed a solution that aligned with its ethos of streamlining operations without compromising on client service or regulatory compliance.

Challenge: Navigating New TPB Regulations

The TPB’s mandate for identity verification of new clients required a sophisticated approach that could blend seamlessly into Fullstack’s operational model, ensuring:

  • Compliance Without Complexity: Integrating a robust verification process without adding operational overhead.
  • Efficiency Amidst Regulation: Maintaining high service standards while adapting to new regulatory requirements.

Traditional methods and solutions were either too cumbersome, involving manual processes and multiple software platforms, or failed to offer the seamless integration Fullstack valued.

The IdentityCheck Solution: Simplifying Compliance

IdentityCheck emerged as the standout solution with its one-click verification feature, offering:

  • Seamless Software Integration: Direct integration into Fullstack’s existing systems, enabling identity verification with a single click without leaving the primary software interface.
  • Rapid Adoption and Implementation: The intuitive one-click solution facilitated a swift rollout, requiring minimal training and allowing staff to adapt quickly without disrupting daily operations.
  • Enhanced Client and Staff Experience: This streamlined approach reduced administrative burdens, improving the experience for both clients and staff by focusing on efficiency and security.

Impact: Operational Excellence and ROI

Maintaining Operational Excellence

Implementing IdentityCheck allowed Fullstack Advisory to seamlessly meet TPB compliance, integrating new regulatory processes into their workflow without impacting their efficiency or scalability.

Return on Investment

  • Time Savings: The one-click solution significantly reduced the time spent on client identity verification, translating into operational cost savings and allowing staff to focus on higher-value activities.
  • Reduced Risk: Eliminating manual data entry not only saved time but also minimized the risk of errors, enhancing data accuracy and security—key factors in regulatory compliance and client trust.

Positive Feedback from Clients and Staff

The simplicity and efficiency of the IdentityCheck process have been highly praised, reinforcing Fullstack Advisory’s commitment to leveraging technology to enhance service delivery and compliance.

“Facing the TPB’s new compliance requirements, we discovered IdentityCheck’s one-click solution, which perfectly aligned with our operational ethos. Its seamless integration and ease of use allowed us to uphold our efficiency standards while navigating regulatory demands effortlessly. The time savings and reduced risk associated with eliminating manual data entry have been significant, contributing to a tangible return on investment. IdentityCheck has proven to be an indispensable asset in our compliance toolkit.”

Tanya Christie, COO, Fullstack Advisory


For Fullstack Advisory, IdentityCheck has been more than a solution; it’s been a strategic advantage in the face of evolving regulatory challenges. By prioritising simplicity, security, and operational efficiency, IdentityCheck has enabled Fullstack to maintain its leadership in providing innovative accounting services to the tech sector, ready to meet the future with confidence.

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