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Product Updates – June 2023

June KYC Product Updates

Welcome to our June Product Newsletter where we are thrilled to announce the latest features that can help streamline your compliant onboarding workflow.

#1: Integrated onboarding form

#2: Internal notifications

#3: Case correction for extracted data

ICYMI – here is our Product Feature Update for May.

#1: Integrated onboarding form

As part of a completed ID verification, you can now automatically collect additional client information. Our super flexible and powerful form builder allows you to easily design your own client onboarding experience.

Key features include:

  • Real-time dashboard (screenshot below)
  • Slick, auto-saved application form
  • Powerful, low-code form builder
  • Everyday SaaS integrations (e.g. HubSpot, XPM, and more)

Get started by booking a demo meeting here.


#2: Internal notifications

Although many of our customers use HubSpot workflows to automate their KYC process, some require the next step to be manual.

You can now automatically notify your team when a KYC request is completed.

Configure notifications here.

Screenshot 2023 05 03 at 3.08.04 pm

#3: Case correction for extracted data

Last month we announced our data extraction service. This month, we have upgraded the service to correct the Case of the extracted fields.

Most ID documents use ALL CAPS to record the name of the person. This is great for legibility and for OCR-type technology, however, it’s not very client-friendly when you use this data for creating a letter or contract. We now automatically correct the case of the extracted data.

For instance, in the sample below:

BRENDA LYNN SAMPLE becomes Brenda Lynn Sample.

You can configure data extraction for your IdentityCheck account here.

image 1

That’s it for this June folks!

Please contact us with any feedback or requests for more features that would make your lives easier.

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