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Product Updates – July 2023

New Product Features July 23 1

In our July update, we’re announcing some 3 new features to help streamline your workflows and meet your compliance obligations.

#1 Automatically screen for PEP/Sanctions, and Adverse Media of verified contacts

#2 XPM integration is live!

#3 API services and support

ICYMI here is our product feature updates for May and June

#1 Automatically screen for PEP/Sanctions, and Adverse Media of verified contacts

If you require extra screening for your verified contacts, this feature can assist in saving time, avoiding mistakes, and ultimately improving efficiency.

We extract the details from the contact’s Identity Document, screen with a robust AI-assisted process, and post the result back in the HubSpot contact record. A link to the results is included for manual review.

Configure PEP/Sanctions screening here (From US$1.00 per check)

Configure Adverse Media here (From US$1.00 per check)

We will automatically bill you for additional usage. If your monthly subscription includes 25 checks or more, contact us for a custom price.

Screenshot 2023 05 03 at 2.49.37 pm

#2 XPM integration is live!

We believe businesses prefer software that integrates with their existing tech stack – the simplicity saves money and makes it easier to adopt. We continually seek feedback from industry segments that need a tech integration type. For Accountants, that’s XPM..

The TPB made it mandatory for Accountants to complete ID verifications on all new clients from July 1st, 2023. This has created a lot of admin work and compliance headaches for Tax Practitioners, Accountants, and Bookkeepers across Australia.

We’re delighted to announce our XPM integration is live – the ONLY ID verification solution that works out-the-box and can be operated in one click! We’ve been onboarding first customers over the past few weeks and the feedback has been great!

Read more about our XPM integration here, or watch the video below.

If you need IdentityCheck integrated in a different platform for your company or industry, please get in touch.

#3 API Support and Services

While we believe that pre-integrated software offers most businesses the ultimate convenience, we also recognize some businesses want to create custom workflows. We have therefore launched our open API, enabling developers to trigger ID verification requests and receive results. Although there are other ID verification APIs available on the market, most offer limited workflows and require contracts with high minimum spends.

The IdentityCheck API can be accessed via a simple monthly subscription and offers all the powerful additional workflows that our pre-integrated software offers. For example:

  • Custom branded emails
  • Auto-reminders
  • Internal notifications
  • In-line PEP/Sanctions screening

Read our API docs here

That’s all for another month. We appreciate the ongoing client feedback so we can improve our product and add more features you might love!

Get in touch if you need anything! 🙂

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